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Prussian Officers Sabre with Steel Scabbard


Prussian Officers Sabre with Steel Scabbard Nice, good value reproduction of a 19th century Prussian light cavalry officers sabre - also known as lions head sabre owing to the particular shape of its pommel. The slightly curved, unsharpened blade is hand-forged from premium high carbon steel. The blunt edge is about 1 mm thick and the blades full tang is screwed to the pommel. The hilt is composed of a grip with pommel cap and a combined crossguard and knuckle-bow. The pommel is in the shape of a lions head. The simple stirrup-shaped knuckle-bow issuing from the lions mouth flows seamlessly into a straight quillon with down-curving, teardrop-shaped terminal. The grips core is made of wood and wrapped in leather and brass wire. The bow, the lionshead-shaped cap and the guard are crafted from brass. The cavalry sabre is delivered with a matching sheet steel scabbard with two carrying bands and articulated carrying rings. This Prussian sabre with lions head pommel is not a battle ready weapon but a very decorative collectors piece. And besides its quality as a collectible, it is also perfectly suited as a prop, i.a. for theatre performances. Details: - Material: high carbon steel blade (not stainless), brass hilt with leather-covered and wire-wrapped wooden handle - Overall length: approx. 107 cm - Blade length: approx. 92 cm - Max. blade width: approx. 3 cm - Blade thickness: approx. 3 mm - Cutting edge: approx. 1 mm - Hilt length: approx. 15 cm (grip approx. 10 cm) - Incl. metal scabbard with carrying rings - Weight without scabbard: approx. 1 kg - Weight with scabbard: approx. 1.8 kg Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece. The steel used here is not rust-proof and might show slight surface tarnishing in places. We recommend you to maintain the blade and the scabbard on a regular basis, for example using Ballistol Universal Oil, which is ideally suited for steel care. Please note: We do not sell this product to customers under the age of 18. Please provide your birth date when ordering. Well also need a copy of your ID-card or passport by email, scan, fax or mail.

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