Lady's surcoat XIVc (type 5) Century: XIV made of best quality hand woven Linen


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This costume is NOT A INDIA OR PAKISTAN made !!! This costume is NOT MADE OF PURE QUALITY FABRIC !!! This costume is FULLY HISTORICAL AND HIGH QUALITY !!! and MADE IN POLAND !!! by polish taylor !!! This costume is made of The Best quality hand woven !!! Linen fabric . Fully historically accurate. Full handmade with love :) Choose your color - make an order - wear eye-cathing historical costume. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's a long loose robe put on over the head, with sleeves which can be tossed to the back. It's made of wool with a linen lining. Click here to check out available in stock Lady's surcoats type 1. A surcoat is an outer garment used from the 13th century till the early 14th century. In the iconography it is not usually tightened with the belt.

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