Hand Woven Linen fabric in diamond weave LD
  • Hand Woven Linen fabric in diamond weave LD

Hand Woven Linen fabric in diamond weave LD

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Diamond weave linen is a rare material, not only in historical reenactment, but also in ordinary fabric stores? What makes it stand out? It is both historic – since ancient times – and looks great. Therefore, if you care about something unique – regardless of whether you need fabric for historical costumes or you prefer to sew something modern!

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If you are looking for beautiful and soft linen fabric for your historical costumes, this product will definitely make you happy.

100% linen fabric in diamond weave. It is made from high quality polished fibres, which make this textile shining more than any ordinary linen. Thanks to this sheen, it resembles a silk fabric.

If you're into historical costumes or just love the feel of soft and beautiful linen, you're gonna be over the moon with this product. It's perfect for creating stunning outfits that will have everyone's jaws dropping. The diamond weave adds a funky texture that'll make your creations stand out from the crowd.

A diamond weave, also known as a diamond twill, is a specific type of weave commonly used in textile manufacturing. It is characterized by its distinctive diamond-shaped pattern created by the interlacing of warp and weft yarns.

In a diamond weave, the yarns are interlaced in a way that forms diagonal lines that intersect and create a series of repeating diamonds. This interlacing pattern gives the fabric a unique visual texture and adds interest to its appearance.

Additionally, the diamond weave often provides some stretch and flexibility to the fabric, making it suitable for garments that require a degree of movement or drape.

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