Umbrella tent with two poles (7 x 4 m) - cotton
  • Umbrella tent with two poles (7 x 4 m) - cotton
  • Umbrella tent with two poles (7 x 4 m) - cotton

Umbrella tent with two poles (7 x 4 m) - cotton

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“Umbrella” cotton tent is stable and much easier in setting out than the standard pavilion with two poles. There are cones with pommels on the high spots of the masts.
The inside of a pavilion can be divided into separate rooms. Dedicated curtains can be purchased for an extra fee.

What is the two-pole “Umbrella” medieval tent composed of?

A set of an “Umbrella” historical tent consists of:
— a three-part tent sheet (a roof and two walls)
— 16 ropes of 3,5 m length each, tied to the roof
— 16 ropes of 2,5 m length each, tied to the roof
— 48 hook + 2 auxiliary pieces
— 46 tent pegs + 2 auxiliary pieces
— 2 wind ropes of 15 m length each
— 2 wooden pommels on poles + small wooden pole for a flag
— 2 wheels (8 openings)
— 10 wooden poles fi 23 mm, 165 cm long
— 2 large masts of 350 cm height
— a set of metal parts to join the masts

There is a possibility to exchange polypropylene rope for hempen one in the medieval tent “Umbrella”. The polypropylene ones are more durable, they unwind and stretch out less.

ATTENTION: Picture presents different type of poles ended with cones with pommels. The set consists pommels with poles.

Under the influence of bad weather conditions (heavy rain for example), wet leather elements may taint the tent's fabric.
The leather used for strengthening fabric in places where there are pegs, entry, and guy ropes is in black colour. (if applicable)

If you haven't found a tent model that interests you, write to us and we will estimate the cost of a tent designed specially for you. 

To produce our tents we use high quality fabrics impregnated for water and fungus resistance. Impregnated cotton, colour and natural, basis weight 340g/m2. Impregnated linen, basis weight 650g/m2.

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